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Protecting communities and critical infrastructure from hydrological risks is a highly responsible task for water managers. WaMoSpace provides early and solid information on water accumulation and depletion for entire basins at once. We deliver continuous daily data over the region of interest enabling you to foresee water related risks (flash floods) early enough to take time critical decisions, saving lives and reducing material damages. We help you quantify and monitor groundwater evolution for entire municipalities in an accurate and cost effective manner.

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One of the biggest challenges for agribusinesses is crop losses due to drought events. WaMoSpace helps you detect and predict water shortages before the weather stations can forecast it. We provide you with early solid information on regional water trends so that you can take timely decisions on crop types, fertilizer and irrigation for an optimized harvest.

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Hydropower prices are highly correlated with water inflows. Accurate inflow predictions can therefore provide intelligent insights into future energy prices enabling early and optimal pricing strategy. WaMoSpace provides continuous daily water inflow and energy pricing predictions for any desired location on your desktop.

This, without having to:

  • invest in local installations

  • incur high maintenance costs

  • accommodate inadequate data.

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